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Music is a multi-billion dollar industry. Individuals love and want to be a big part of this “You Gone Learn” will allow viewer to do just that, be a part of a vision from start to finish and they the viewing audience will have the final say.  So, why not create a reality show that focuses on their target audience of want to be singers?



You Gone Learn is a show that does just that. With the voice coaches we choose, the show is designed to teach viewer if they watch every week how to be trained as a singer.  The voice coaches will have to have one of both of their student win or they leave as well. Viewer will tune in to see which of the 20 contestants will win the weekly challenge—and which contestant will get sent home empty-handed including their voice coaches.


The weekly challenges are the focal point of each episode, and contestants learn about them

from the Voice Master, who also acts as host for the viewers at home. Each week, he/she will deliver a song that each of them have to sing we will be using R&B and Gospel songs. The judges (3) will pick who they like best and who is the best improved singer each week. The judging panel will be major player in the music industry as well as entertainer.  At this point we will show the contestants with their voice coaches learning the song and having their voice lessons.  The viewing public will watch and learn and root for who they want to win.  The last episode will let America vote on who is the best improved singer.  We will use Face book, Twitter and other Social Media to let viewer voice their opinions. 



Casting calls should focus on finding individuals who don’t know they are auditioning for a voice competition we want contestant that have a nice voice, and with training can become very good singer.  Voice coaches will also be casted we want 10 crazy, funny, full of energy voice coaches!  Another twist is the last song will be one that the contestant writes and sings themselves. We will see the contestants interacting with the voice coaches as well as other contestants and watch friendships and watch them work out issues. Important segue between each challenge and create interest in the contestants themselves as they face not only the weekly challenges, but also have to work with other personal issues.


Contest-driven reality shows such as The Voice and America has Talent are wildly popular, reaching vast and previously unfulfilled niche markets. A show like You Gone Learn fills a similar need and would round out programming on any number of popular channels, from 

ABC to NBC.  We look forward to hearing from you about our proposal

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