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Biblical Films

Director:   Lamont A. Coleman

Screenwriter:  Lamont A Coleman & Denver Dowridge

Genre:  Thriller, Suspense, Drama  

The Bible is filled with stories of violence and intrigue so should it be taboo to portray it realistically in a film? Even the title "In the Closet" scared off some Christians. Kimo Leopoldo who stars in this film explains it well at the MMA convention in Los Angeles when he talks about it referring to Matthew 6:6 King James: "But when ye prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy father which seethe in secret shall reward thee openly." This film deals with many of the skeletons that we all have in our closets personally and as a nation.

Directors:  Lamont A Coleman

Screenwriter: Lamont A Coleman

Genre:  Documentry, Health

"Mama & Me" is an honest, endearing and sometimes funny look at the challenges that confront NAACP Theater Award winner, Lamont Coleman, when he learns that his mother has developed dementia. This timely story is a personal journey that spotlights a condition that increasingly faces millions of baby-boomers and subsequently, their children. Millions of Baby Boomers are now retiring and facing health challenges that they, their families and children are not necessarily prepared to deal with. Dementia and Alzheimer's being among the most misunderstood. So many people are not ready to change their life styles, give up their homes, or take on the financial challenges that caring for a person with dementia present.

Directors:  Lamont A Coleman

Screenwriter:  Chris Smith

Genre:  Romance, Comedy

(Hollywood, CA) Award winning Film company, Biblical Films, is excited to announce the acceptance of it's third film project "In Da Cut" to the 2014 San Diego Black Film Festival. "In Da Cut" is a film that follows Michael Albert, a film school grad who comes home with big Hollywood dreams of a major studio job, fast cars and Hollywood starlets, refusing to work for his families "small" Christian film Production Company until the hottest actress in town takes a liking to their project. Michael is swept off his feet and into a world of deceit and betrayal while his friends and family, led by Granddad (Good Times' Johnny Brown), do all they can to get him to recognize that life is more than just a trip to the OSCARS; it is a journey with the ones you really love. "In Da Cut" also stars Tyrone Burton (The Parent 'Hood), Stephanie Gerard (Mujer, casos de la vida real), Ray Diaz fom Hulu's "East Los High," and Lamont A. Coleman (Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Not's 2nd season).

Directors:  Lamont A Coleman

Screenwriter:  Marily Harrington 

Genre:  Drama, Suspense

Ed Opus has been wandering trying to find the right resting place where he feels his soul can be at rest. He knows his death is upon him and could happen any moment now. He comes upon a small town and eventually his spirit is led to the steps of a small, old school church. He immediately feels the ground is special and knows this is where he wants to die and be buried.

Director:  Lamont A Coleman

Screenwriter:  Eulalie Spence

Genre:  Drama

A highlight of the evening will be a special Biblical Films presentation of the thought provoking stage play Undertow, by Harlem Renaissance playwright Eulalie Spence, directed by Rosemarie Smith-Coleman. Eulalie Spence's 1927 play Undertow is one of her lasting works, and one of the few plays from the Harlem Renaissance era that can be successfully produced today.The story develops around infidelity and redemption. During the mid-1920s, a time when there was conflict about how African-Americans should be represented on stage, Spence not only insisted on using Black dialect in her works, she frequently addressed issues such as racism, infidelity, the roles of women, and socio-economic effects on the family to bring full awareness to the African-American experience at that time. While the characters in her plays are predominantly black, Spence avoided primarily racial themes in her plays in favor of more universal themes.

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In the Closet
In Da Cut
Mama & Me
I Feel Like Going On

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