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P. O. W.

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Close To The End

We are close to the end in finishing up production for the "P.O.W." drama series as the director plans to wrap up by November 22nd.

Filming In Progress

After a great run in the theatrical process, the cast of "P. O. W." has now started film production. 

Last Chance

Alright everyone, this week is your last chance to buy tickets to see the 1st and only theatrical showing to BFN's upcoming new show "P. O. W. (Power Over Weapons)." Also, tickets are selling out quick, so hury before it's too late!

Table Reads

The cast of "P.O.W." has finally started rehearsals after a long season of auditioning and casting. Learning first the subject matter and the issues we're faceing with kids having weapons in today's society, the cast was well prepared to jump right into character for table reads. Yes, there were a few tears from some of the cast members after reading through the script together, but with all the love and support in the room everyone was able to leave with smiles on their faces, excited for the next rehearsal.

Open Auditions

Join The Film Factory in open auditions for your chance to be in there new series drama, "P.O.W. (Power Over Weapons)." Auditions will be held at One Church LA on July 22, 2015.


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BFN Upcoming Events

SAT. 12/28/15; 7:00 PM

Beauty is a Beast

Celebrity Centre 
5930 Franklin Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 90028

SAT, 08/29/2015; 2:00 PM

P.O.W. (Power Over Weapons)

Celebrity Centre
5930 Franklin Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

SAT, 08/22/2015; 2:00 PM

Super Who?

Celebrity Centre5930 Franklin Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90028





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