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Remember some of the great shows like "Chico and the Man", "Punky Brewster" and "Webster"?  Those shows all had precocious and charismatic preteens who endeared themselves to the nation while wearing down the defenses of a grumpy old guy who just couldn't help but love them.  "Mason and the Man"

 is a new show in that tradition that will soon be produced by Biblical Films starring yours truly Lamont A. Coleman and Mason Davis (Closure).  This film is about a young boy, (Davis), who is aspiring to become an actor. He eventually crosses paths with an old and experienced actor (Coleman) who, while talented is disillusioned with the industry and is on the verge of retiring from the business. Will he be the mentor that the young boy needs in order to tackle the beast that is known as Hollywood?  As their relationship grows, The man will teach Mason everything he knows, but Mason will also teach him a few things that he's forgotten...the love of life! 


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