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KISS only on BFN

KISS coming soon to BFN

Exclusive Promo

It's official!  Pastors Kelvin and La Quetta Simmons has agreed to produce their very KISS talk show to BFN and are bringing their passion for family and marriage along with them.

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About Kiss


KISS will be filmed on location at Immanuel Praise Fellowship church in Rancho Cucamonga. 

About Pastor Kelvin Simmons

Pastor Kelvin Simmons


About Pastor Kelvin Simmons:

Pastor Kelvin Simmons is ordained minister who has been preaching and teaching the Gospel for more than 17 years while his wife, Pastor La Quetta Simmons, and him served at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Pomona, Ca for 18 and 29 years respectfully. Following the Spirit of God, they took on the charge of planting a church for the Glory of God. On Sunday February 3, 2008 along with nine founding members, Pastors Kelvin and La Quetta Simmons birth a new ministry, Immanuel Praise Fellowship.



About Pastor La Quetta Simmons

About Pastor La Quetta Simmons:


Pastor Simmons’s ministry focuses on helping God’s people develop a strong spiritual self-concept. She believes that spiritual empowerment happens when one realizes that they are more Spirit then they are flesh. One of her many passions calls her to reach out to and celebrate, young African-American youth, support and strengthen the African-American family and share in the success and sorrows of the larger African-American community.



Pastor La Quetta Simmons

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