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Fern Entertainment's documentary has been green lighted 

Lisa Rentuor 

Fern Entertainment's documentary, "Road to Sorrow", has been green lighted for BFN's "Church Stories" series.  Lisa Rentuor is the President of Fern Entertainment production company and has officially decided to bring Fern Entertainment to BFN.  Executives are now scheduling the film dates.

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About Church Stories 


In Western society, while we accept that one day we will bury our parents, and maybe even a sibling, we are not prepared to have to bury a child. While some churches are equipped to deal with this kind of loss, many are not.  Church Stories will talk to real people who have experienced this first hand and examine how the Church, local and universal, can bridge this gap.

Director's Notes

This show will be on shot location and in studio in 4k broadcasting quality.

Exclusive Promo of the Look

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