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Ordering her stepz for the BFN

Christine "Nina" Lofton is bringing her expertise and transforming ministry to the BFN.  She will be working with the network to produce Body Transformation for which she will also be the host.  A great woman of God, Christine's successful ministry is called Order my Stepz.  

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Body Transformation- Behind The Scenes 

Transformation the temple

Host:  Christine "Nina" Lofton

The Bible talks about running the good race.  Keeping your temple in good shape is obviously beneficial to every aspect of your life.  This show will wake up your spirit and body and motivate you to do just that.  Even professional athletes still need a coach so let Christin Lofton be your remote coach. "My vision is to provide counseling to women struggling with weight problems and train them physically, spiritually, and emotionally on how to overcome.  

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Body Transformation

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