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Troy Artis is an executive Chef who has a brilliant knack for the culinary arts as well as

humor and music. Chef Troy will have wholesome creative meals that can help people

 with diabeties and high blood pressure among other things.  He will also show you ways to prepare food as kings did back in the bible days but with a few new twists to help improve your nutritional lifestyle.  Chef Troy will also show you creative ways to help make special romantic meals that can rekindle the desire for that same old dry meal that you have been cooking.


Producers- Biblical Films


Chef Troy Artis received an AA degree in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu in Los

Angeles and a BA from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale.  His cooking is known for its innovative and personal take on classical cuisine, incorporating global ingredients, modern cooking methods, with a side of humor.  He has been able to demonstrate his passion for cuisine across the country.  He enjoys creating and looks forward to the opportunity to

running a kitchen of his own. He describes his food as "what tastes good to me at the time, French, Asian, Italian...The world is your shopping basket, the skill of the chef is knowing how to combine global ingredients into something amazing, that is where I take enormous

pride in my work."

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