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Men who meet once a week for lunch, sit and discuss the worlds Hot topics from politics to criminal injustices. They will also have a special guest every week, these guys will voice their opinions on each topic and how they feel about it and then they will discuss what God’s word has to say about it.


Host: Christopher-Shawn Smith


Bio: Christopher-Shawn Smith is an Executive Producer and Chief Operation Officer at Biblical Films LLC. Christopher was born and raised in East Austin, Texas and is a graduate of Connecticut School Of Broadcasting in 2007 with Honors majoring in Television Production. Christopher-Shawn is also a 20 year television, film and Theater veteran with several awards to his credits 6 COLSAC theaters awards and Thespian of the Year winner 10 COLSAC Award nominations 2 NAACP theater award nominations. Christopher’s specialty is television and theater brings experience also with a Christian education certificate awarded to him for completing christian educations class at the Citizens of Zion MBC Compton, California which is also is a member of and heads up the media production ministry there. 


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