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Thesis Statement:


The purpose of “KISS” is to fortify and restore marriages and relationships in an informative and entertaining manner.  Pastors Kelvin and La Quetta Simmons will incorporate their 21 years of marriage experience, biblical and practical tools and to save and fortify marriages.


Their direct and no nonsense approach cuts through excuses and barriers couples uses to camouflage the real issue that prevents their relationship from thriving.  Together, they utilize each other’s strengths and great sense of humor to provide solutions to assist couples from all walks of life to work through real problems.




Pastor Kelvin and La Quetta introduce the subject of the day in a dialogue between the two of them or allowing current events on relationships initiate the discussion.


Second Segment:


Pastor Kelvin and La Quetta will engage in tough conversations or exercises with couples or special guest to reveal issue(s) and suggest potential solution.  If there is special guest they are introduced in this section, and/or Pastor Kelvin and La Quetta will engage in dialogue on relationships in the community i.e. barber shops, beauty salons, neighborhood cafes.


Closing Summation:


Pastor Kelvin and La Quetta review previous subject, give follow up and potential prognosis. They conclude each show with a rapid fire humorist question and answering session with audience and give away.


Show concludes with saying, “You have just been KISSed!”

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