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Christine Nina Lofton


Christine Lofton was born in Long Beach California January 30, 1983 to Keith and Cynthia Lofton. As a happy baby girl who was supposed to be born with Down syndrome she defied the odds from the very beginning. She was a vivacious child who lived out loud and believed in shared her dreams with the world. At the age of three she was already a self-proclaimed missionary and would tell everybody about God that would listen! She was not only vivacious but  also smart and was able to skip a grade due to her determination of having a higher education. She was  surrounded by love growing up in a Christian household where she was taught to put God first. Christine experienced her first devastation in life at 7 years old when she got the news of her parents’ divorce. Life changed suddenly and the vivacious little missionary was forced to grow up overnight. The devastation not only affected her, but her mom and young brother as well. Then starting to experience financial issues the family was forced to move and the good life as she had known it was over and through. This was an upsetting blow Christine to watch her family fall apart was like losing two parents instead of one. She now felt the pressure and responsible of helping take care of brother and watching her mom cry at times too was also hard. Christine's attitude toward the issue gradually got worse and she started developing anger issues. She was acting and lashing out due to the hurt of what she was going through. At the time she felt like she had no other way to deal with her issues so she turned to food. She learned early on that it helped her cope with what she was going through. So it became like her drug. By the age of 10 Christine had already developed an eating disorder. She was binge eating food to the point that she had to throw up her food because her stomach couldn’t take anymore. This was having a devastating effect on body and her mind too. This continued until thing got worse and she was eating food from everyone’s plates, sneak eating and eating out of trashcans too, just to never be really full but left full of more issues. Then being ridiculed by other for being fat she quickly developed body image issues and struggle with that all through school. By the age of 19 Christine was a well over two-hundred sixty pounds and now battling health issues. She was never interested in exercise her only love was food. However one day she meet a woman who would change her life. Christine spoke to the thin woman out of curiosity about her weight. The woman told her that it wasn’t that hard to lose weight but that she would have to stop living for food. The woman informed Christine that food was only needed as a necessity, a tool needed for life’s survival and was not to be abused. So to Christine this was news and some advice but she took it! And that was the first day to the rest of her life, that day her mind had been renewed. Christine had to change her mind toward food. Then, one year later and a hundred pounds lighter Christine’s life was never the same. She took her life back that day and then realized that she would not only significantly impact her life, but that she would then transcend into her changing the lives of others. Her deliverance came that day and now she is Founder and President of Order My Stepz Fitness and Wellness Ministry which promotes physical wellness and spiritual wholeness the jest of the program is start at beginning and see where these issues started for you. Then to nurse and to nourish you back health and to the place God called you. A place of physical health, spiritual strength, and emotional wellness too. This program deals with cognitive and behavioral therapies which help you deal with depression. It helps you to exercise while managing stress too. It helps to build and maintaining confidence, while using the word of God as a powerful tool. While all the time in the process God is healing you.


Christine started out thinking that this journey way about her but all along it was about you.


 Christine is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology to help everyday women and athletics improve and develop their mental state. She is also a  personal trainer nationally recognized by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America(AFAA) specializing in women and group fitness. Some would call her just a personal trainer but she is changing the world by combining  spiritual counseling with physical counseling to improve overall wellness from the inside out.

Body Transformation

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