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Prepare for the red carpet because The COLSAC Awards return to the Celebrity Center again this year on June 5, 2016.  As before, the award ceremony will honor the actors, artists, and technicians involved in last year’s productions.  Nominees were announced online (click here to see list) on April 6, 2016. 


The Film Factory and COLSAC have partnered to bring the ceremony to their artist this year.  It is the organization’s way of showing their appreciation to its cast and crew for the hard work exhibited throughout their previous production season.


For over fifteen years, COLSAC has fought to give back to Los Angeles’s diverse artistic community.  By the grace of God and with the support of family and friends, COLSAC members have earned 12 NAACP nominations and a BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR award during this time. Through the success of Biblical Films and their new media program, The Film Factory, they have built a success organization and have made significant accomplishments with the contributions of the repertory participates. 


As with other ceremonies, this is an elaborate affair with awards decided by ballots cast by participating members of their cast, crew, technicians after the press announcement of the nominees on April 6th. 


This year's  event will be held at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, California and has often honored some of Hollywood’s finest.   Pervious honorees have included talent such as  Brock Peter, Irma P. Hall, Debbie Allen, Roger E. Mosley, Tony Todd, Virginia Capers, Johnny Roasts Beef , Anna Berger, and Troy Beyer


COLSAC participants receive complimentary admission, but you can use the reservation button below to purchase tickets to this event online. 




Congratulations to our nominees.  We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event. 


June 5, 2016 6:00 pm

The  Celebrity Centre
5930 Franklin Ave
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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